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Ask Dr. Neuman
I am excited to announce my new Advice Column. Click here to learn more…

Our e-Store is Open
Note Cards featuring original paintings by Dr. Fredric Neuman. All cards can be purchased as a set or individually and are suitable for framing. Click here to go to the e-Store today…

Book Reviews


“Superpowers” is a very funny, but serious account of a responsible, perhaps too responsible, young man growing up abruptly over a period of a few weeks.
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A message from Dr. Neuman

For a long time I have practiced psychiatry full-time. Much of that time I have written novels full-time, which left just barely enough time to be a full-time husband, parent, teacher, etc. Time expands. I usually recommend to patients that they go in as many directions as possible simultaneously. If they wait for something to happen before doing something else, usually nothing gets done and nothing happens. Click here to read my latest Blog Posts…

My Practice

Fred Neuman, M.D. is the Director of the Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center. After serving as Associate Director for 21 years, Dr. Neuman assumed the directorship in 1994.
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Fredric Neuman, MD the Author

“Excellent… for families and professionals. It is a great achievement -a combination of caring, love and respect for the emotionally disturbed… Direct, honest, understandable.”
-Esther A. Schisa, R.N.
Former Assistant Commissioner of Health for Nursing for Westchester, New York.
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