An Opportunity for Reconciliation Between the Parties

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Humor, Politics

Democrats in Support of a Republican Proposal

A petition

There is a lot of bad feeling in the country between the two major political parties. The enmity between them is regrettable and in the long run not in the interest of the country. For that reason, any chance for amity and agreement between them should be seized. I mention in this context of the petition, signed by thousands of Republicans, to allow guns into the Republican convention in Ohio. The Secret Service, who likes to entertain the idea that the government should have a monopoly on firearms, has in an arbitrary and autocratic manner forbidden guns in that arena. The Republicans are naturally miffed. I think they should be supported. Therefore I am proposing:

A Democratic Petition in Support of the Republican Petition to Allow Guns into the Republican Convedntion.    Sign here:

Some Democrats I know have proposed going further and allowing the loan of automatic weapons to all the delegates. But I think that might be misconstrued.