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Snakes in the Toilet!

Freud made popular the idea that various objects, by virtue of their appearance and function, could stand symbolically for other objects, usually sexual. When a woman dreamed about cleaning her house, for instance, she might be expressing feelings she had about her...

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Possible Nicknames for Donald Trump

Possible nicknames for Donald Trump Tit for tat. Donald Trump feels it gives him an advantage to bestow nicknames on his political opponents. So, we have taken note of “Low-energy Jeb” “Small Mario,” Lyin’ Ted” Cruz etc. These opponents have fallen by the wayside, so...

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Making America Great Again

Making America Great Again By getting rid of death and taxes It is often said that something is as sure as “death and taxes,” meaning that nothing is more sure than death and taxes, including, for example, the sun coming up tomorrow. This is hyperbole. Taxes...

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