Phobia Articles

Snakes in the Toilet!

Freud made popular the idea that various objects, by virtue of their appearance and function, could stand symbolically for other objects, usually sexual. When a woman dreamed about cleaning her house, for instance, she might be expressing feelings she had about her...

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The Remnants of a Phobia

Remnants of a Phobia For a panic disorder to disappear entirely, only two things need to be learned: that it is possible to escape from all those places where phobics typically feel trapped, including stuck elevators, and that the panic attack, no matter how extreme,...

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Feeling Trapped

One of the elements of agoraphobia is the fear of becoming panicky while in a situation from which it is impossible to escape. It is the fear of being trapped; but when someone speaks of being trapped, it is not always clear exactly what is meant. Sometimes the...

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