Crime Articles

Disarming a Man Wielding a Knife

On a psychiatric ward. This is a trick that works every time. Imagine a patient on a psychiatric ward who has managed to obtain a knife and is menacing everyone with it. I have no trouble imagining this scene since I have found myself on a couple of occasions in the...

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Heading Off a Murder

Heading off a murderThere was a time when I worked as the chief of a forensic unit in a psychiatric hospital. Most of the time I was simply required to make a determination of whether someone charged with a crime was able to stand trial. This was less complicated than...

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A Very Small Ethical Question

A long time ago, I was walking with two other medical students across town to a restaurant. I was doing the sort of thing I did when I walked: I sort of knocked against things with the side of my hand. I would give a little sideways punch to a lamppost or a railing or...

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