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Finding a Job When No Job Seems Available

Finding the Right Job Looking everywhere at everything Every once in a while I hear something on the radio which strikes me as so plainly wrong, I feel I should respond to it. The commentator was giving advice to individuals who have had trouble over a long period of...

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Climbing the Ladder of Success

The  Climbing The Ladder of Success Rung by rung Ambitious young men and women start to climb the ladder of success long before their first job. During their time of growing up, they will have undergone trials and undertaken endeavors of graduated skill. These take...

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Hugely Successful Men

Hugely successful Over the years I have run into a small number of hugely successful men. I have noticed that certain qualities of mind and action seem to characterize all of them: Most important, they are willing to work very hard and very long hours.  Most...

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