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I fell in love …

by | Nov 14, 2014 | Ask Dr Neuman

Q: I fell in love …I read your article and I can relate to it…My question is how can you get out of being in love when you want to but your emotions won’t let you, you have given all that is possible of yourself and the other person can only be speechless. I know they don’t love me like I love them. I have many answers to this question, but looking for the answer that works. thx
– Ron

A: Falling in love is effortless, and falling out of love also happens naturally, if not exactly effortlessly. If you are not with someone you love–because of the other person not caring, or because of some separation, or because of death–in time you will fall out of love. The only thing you can do to speed things along is to be busy–with work, with friends, and, especially, with seeing someone new.
– Dr. Neuman