by | Aug 1, 2008 | Book Reviews

“… a spy novel, sort of. But Fredric Neuman’s “Maneuvers” is primarily a very funny yet altogether serious book about the insanity of war – even in peacetime… there is enough to keep us smiling – and sometimes laughing out loud-throughout.”
~ The New York Times Book Review (Evan Hunter)

“There is good humor throughout… Neuman can write.”
~ Los Angeles Sunday Times

“His prose… is neat and clean, altogether readable… enlightening and entertaining.”
~ The Plain Dealer

“At its best, Maneuvers is too funny to read without excruciating pain… a genuine 22-carat boffo.”
~ The London Times Literary Supplement

“Neuman’s novel is quite original… The book succeeds as a black comedy, a whodunit and a thriller, as well as throwing in some perspective comments on the daily toil of a psychiatrist.”
~ Punch

“… an unpredictable and unclassifiable novel about the insanity of war; a spy story; a detective story; a medical story (written by a doctor who became a psychiatrist); and a very funny story… a vivid collection of characters.”
~ Oxford Times

“A chillingly bizarre tale…tinged with hilarious lampooning of the American military.”
~ Manchester Evening News

“… wickedly funny. Fredric Neuman uses his own experiences of the army to hilarious effect.”
~ The Northern Cato

“… the sort of mixture of madness and mayhem which made … Mr. Neuman’s previous book ‘The Seclusion Room’ such memorable humor… A marvelous collection of inmates and incidents – just the thing if it’s laughter you’re after.”
~ Bolton Evening News

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