Rising Above Fear: Healing Phobias, Panic and Extreme Anxiety

by | Aug 1, 2008 | Book Reviews

Do you or someone you know fear: flying? enclosed places? speaking aloud? bridges? other phobias? If you do, Rising Above Fear can help! For the millions of people who face phobia problems every day, reassuring advice and help are at hand in Rising Above Fear: Healing Phobias Panic and Extreme Anxiety. For the first time, Dr. Fredric Neuman, Director of the nationally respected White Plains Phobia Clinic, provides the basics of that center’s time-tested program that you can use in your own home. You’ll learn the ten principles of exposure therapy, one of the most effective methods of treating phobias, with its special emphasis on: tools for dispelling panic attacks, dealing with setbacks, setting up a diary to chart your progress, choosing the right medication and the role of friends and family. With special charts, clearheaded advice, and the expertise that the White Plains Clinic can offer, Rising Above Fear gives you everything you need to act on your phobias and begin to overcome them!

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